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Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners

Hi guys, My name is Kabir and I belong to Madhya Pradesh, India. I am now 32 and have been loving gadgets from long ( I don’t even remember from how long, ha ha!). From my early 20s, I’ve been able to helped many people to learn about gadgets that can help them in real life and at that time, internet was not at reach to common people. Now when people are so close to web like a family member, I thought of sharing my views to global audience as many people are wandering to learn and know about products.

Vacuum cleaner were the second thing after Coffee Makers which I started writing on as these are the products immensely used all over on daily basis. People most of the times seek for some help in knowing as which product is better.

So, this blog is all about helping people about knowing which type of Vacuum Cleaner they need. I do earn some commissions (which doesn’t in anyways affect your pricing, networks pay me) but I only review products that are successful and best rated by consumers. I am in no way compensated by product owners to list their product.

I always try to respond to every comment or mail but if somehow there is no reply, it means I am stuck in something but will surely come up later!