How To Clean Carpeted Stairs

How To Clean Carpeted Stairs

The stairs in every home are very important features, be it long stairs, short, narrow, straight, windy and so on, they serve as bridges and linkages in the house and often times we try to accessorize them for convenience and also for beautification. Such accessories include flower pots, special railings and mostly carpets.

Carpets in a home can be found anywhere including the stairs. The carpeted stairs are not meant only to add beauty to the home but also to reduce sound echoes from stair climbing and also to add a homely, cozier and warmer expression to the home, not to talk about to protect the structure of the stairs.

Now despite the beauty, a basic headache arises from how best to keep these carpeted stairs of ours clean and beautiful just as the rest of our homes. Regular cleaning and once in a while special treatments are encouraged, and here we are about to find out in phases – how best to carry these out.

5 Steps To Clean Carpeted Stairs

Phase One – Brushing

Brushing and removing of dirt is the most basic cleaning procedure for the maintenance of a carpeted stairs. These should be done on a daily basis not only for the days of special treatment because the stairs always have quite a number of foot traffic daily, and constant brushing will help reduce the stress of the eventual special cleaning day.

For this stage, first, attempt and endeavor to identify the type and make of the carpet, to properly know the thread strength and weave type because these play a great role on the type of cleaning necessary.

Brushing should be done preferably with a hard brush or a stiff brush that will be able to penetrate deep within the carpet itself and loosen the dirt that has been accumulated over time on the carpet. Deep and hard brush strokes should be used to effectively get all the dirt reachable to the surface of the carpet.

Asides from the strength type of the brush, also ensure that the brush is good enough to get to all areas of the carpeted stairs. The various angles, sidelines, corners should be properly brushed. Get a handle to attach to the brush if possible to make cleaning easier.

N.B – Always note brushing should begin from the top to the bottom of the stairs so as not to trample upon the freshly loosened dirt.

Phase Two – Vacuuming

This is the vacuum cleaner stage. A most preferred cleaning tool for most carpeted stairs owners actually because it’s less stressful to use and much faster than using a brush too.

But since we are here for not just the regular cleaning, but also the deep and special cleaning, the vacuuming is part of our second stage. Not just to vacuum the already loosened dirt done by the brush, but also to do some extra dirt digging.

The vacuum type also matters a lot and there are dedicated vacuums for stairs with carpet. A portable hand-sized or medium-sized vacuum with probably battery or solar-powered will be nice to avoid pulling a power cord all the way up the stairs. This type of vacuum will be easy to carry up various flights of stairs without causing any pain to the user and also to avoid strain on the vacuum itself.

The vacuum should also be good enough to get to all areas necessary, the corners and all, to ensure a deep and thorough cleaning. If not, a fitting could be done like getting attachments to the handle, medium length or long depending on the need.

Extra features such as in-built brushes or prongs in the vacuum can be good to dig a bit deeper for dirt and dust. And don’t forget to also start from the bottom to the top.

Phase Three – Steam Cleaning

This phase is more attuned to the special cleaning type of feature. Here, a steam cleaner is preferable to be used to clean the carpeted stairs to further push out the very deep seated dirt that have been trampled on over-time and compressed into the carpet due to heavy foot traffic.

The steam cleaners could be quite expensive to get so it is advisable to rent them from stores where cleaning apparatus are sold if you don’t have one already. The carpet steam cleaner is a cleaning equipment which uses steamed hot water and cleaning solution along with other features such as in-built brushes to wash and rinse the carpeted stairs.

The steamed hot water and the cleaning solution from the carpet steam cleaner helps to quickly loosen clogged dirt embedded deep down in the fibers of the carpet and also helps to push out formed molds and kill germs that have taken residence on our carpeted stairs, and gets rid of stains on the carpet.

Phase Four – Scrubbing

Our phase four could be an option for the absence of a carpet steam cleaner and works just as effectively. But this phase can also be carried out right after a steaming phase. After all, there is nothing like too much cleaning right.

Unlike the steam cleaner phase, this procedure is a bit more tasking and manual because you will have to get down to scrubbing once more. Make use of carpet shampoos which are designed and manufactured purposely for the cleaning of carpets.

Just like the steam cleaner, the shampoo with its carpet-friendly components embedded within help to loosen the clogged dirt, soften the carpet while leaving behind a trail of squeaky clean carpet surface for you to behold. It’s a deep cleaning process which takes time to dry.

Endeavor to use as little shampoo and water as possible to avoid excess water left behind after washing. Otherwise, this could lead to the formation of molds on the carpet due to excess moisture.

Phase Five – Final Touch

The fifth and final stage of our carpeted stair cleaning comes up right after the shampooing. Drying and further vacuum or light brushing takes place here.

Since unlike the steam cleaner, the shampoo and water will need to dry manually, it is advisable to use thick absorbing towels to help reduce the quantity of water on the carpeted stairs and speed up the drying process.

Once the stairs are dried and devoid of any form of moisture; note, devoid of any moisture, because partial drying will lead to the carpet getting dirty much faster and also the rise of mold and other undesirables.

Another vacuuming is in order to get rid of the dirt that has been brought up to the surface by the steam cleaner, and, or shampooing.

And voila, a beautifully, clean, fresh and fluffy carpeted stairs is available for admiration and usage once again.

Wrapping Up

To deep clean carpeted stairs, with such rigorous tasks such as those mentioned above in the various phases, it is advisable to carry them out once a month or once in three months, to reduce the stress of cleaning and also to maintain the carpeted stairs. Daily cleaning is also very important and necessary.

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