How To Clean Fabric Sofa Or Couch

How to Clean Fabric Sofa

We all have that couch in the living room that has seen it all. It has been sat on, slept on, and eaten on several times throughout the year, and is probably begging for help. Fortunately, we’re here to show you the proper way to on How to clean fabric sofa, easily!

Usually, it’s a little harder to get stains out fabrics; this is why you have to be careful about your stain removal method. Knowing the right way to remove each stain goes a long way towards getting your couch clean without damage.

Know Your Fabric Codes And What They Mean

The fabric code of your fabric sofa tells you what cleaning method you can use, and what substances are safe to use on your couch. They are usually included in the label or on the manual. If you don’t keep to the proper guidelines, you could end up damaging your furniture.

  • X:When you see an X code, it merely means you shouldn’t attempt using any cleaning agent on it. It’s best to stick to vacuuming and brushing of the fabric or to send it to a professional couch cleaner.
  • W: This code means you can use water-based cleaning agents with a steam vacuum on the fabric. Fabric couches with a W code are usually easy to clean and maintain.
  • W/S: This code means you are free to use either water-based cleaning agents with a steam vacuum or solvent-based/ dry-cleaning agents.
  • S: S code means you should only use solvent-based cleaners or dry-cleaning detergent for the fabric.

You should always ensure you know the right cleaning agents to use on your fabric couch. This, combined with proper knowledge of stains and their removal, gives you a better chance of controlling stains on your beloved sofa.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa Stains

There are two ways to clean your sofa. These depend on the fabric code of your sofa and should be done correctly. However, before you start any of those, you have to prep your couch for it. You can pre-clean your sofa following these steps.

Vacuum the couch

Using a vacuum or a hand vacuum helps you get rid of crumbs and other loose dirt hanging onto the fabric of your couch. Vacuuming knocks them loose, exposing the actual material. It also helps you get rid of pet hair. While vacuuming, make sure you don’t ignore the base of the sofa and underneath the cushions.

Brush down the Couch

Using a firm brush, brush down the surface of your couch vigorously. Target any dried up stains and caked dust. You can brush the dirt up and then vacuum it up. Make sure you brush hard enough to dislodge stains without damaging the fabric.

Remove Lint and Hair

Your vacuum cleaner does an excellent job of removing the pet (and human) hair from your couch, but it leaves some behind. Going over the whole couch, section by section, with a lint roller helps you get rid of those small hairs and lint.

Clean Exposed Surfaces

Most sofas have frames and armrests made from wood, metal, or fibreglass. Since you can’t ignore them while cleaning your sofa, you can wipe them down with a multipurpose cleaner. Also, try not to get the soap on your sofa

If you have a fabric sofa with the code X, you should probably stop at this step. You should take your sofa to a professional once in a while, or if you’re trying to get a particular stain out.

How To Clean A Couch With Steam Cleaner

Fabric couches that require cleaning with water-based detergents are usually easier to clean than those that require dry-cleaning. You can clean your couch at home using these simple items and steps.

Step 1 – Use a Fabric Pre-Conditioner

Fabric pre-conditioners are used to dissolve and loosen oil and dirt before the actual cleaning. You spray it all over the surface of the sofa you want to clean.This step is not very compulsory, but it can make a big difference in your cleaning routine.

Step 2 – Prepare your Fabric Shampoo

Mix equal parts detergent and water in a bowl. Then spot-test the shampoo on a section of the couch. You can do this by applying a small amount of the shampoo on the couch section and letting it sit for 10 minutes. If it has a discoloration, or the fabric’s dye comes off afterwards, then it isn’t suitable for cleaning your couch.

Step 3 – Prepare your Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Find the tank of your steam vacuum and pour your fabric shampoo into it. Attach the hose to the vacuum, and attach the upholstery attachment to the hose.

Step 4 – Clean the sofa

Place the spout of the vacuum on the fabric of the sofa and release the shampoo solution onto it. Spread the shampoo around the entire surface of the sofa. Make sure to get every part. When you’ve gotten the shampoo onto the whole sofa, move the spout along the surface once more, sucking up the excess shampoo into the vacuum. You can repeat this step for problem areas, but try not to overdo it as it can cause permanent damage and discoloration.

Step 5 – Dry the Sofa

Leave your sofa outside to air dry. Ensure it dries completely before bringing it back in.

How to Dry-Clean A Fabric Sofa

You don’t actually dryclean with “dry” cleaning products. The products are liquids, but they do not contain water.You can easily find a dry cleaning product in your neighborhood grocery store or buy it online. Before you dry clean your sofa, you still have to prep it as mentioned earlier.

  • Ventilate the room: Because dry cleaning products have overpowering smells, you should open all doors and windows to let in air. You can also put a fan on to speed it up. See our article about improving the indoor air.
  • Spot-test the cleaning product: Apply a small amount of cleaner to a section of the couch and leave for 10 minutes to test for discoloration.
  • Dry clean the couch:Dry cleaning products, unlike water-based cleaning products, are not applied directly to the fabric. Cleaning is done by applying them to a rag, which you use to dab against the fabric. Do not rub against the stains; dab lightly. The products are typically very concentrated, so use a small amount.
  • Remove the dry cleaner: Leaving the chemicals for too long on your sofa can cause discoloration. Remove the cleaning product by dampening a new cloth with water and dabbing it over the dry cleaner. Afterwards, let your sofa air dry.

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