How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair At Home

How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

One significant challenge dog and cat owners face are controlling pet hair in their houses. They leave hair everywhere! You find their hair on the carpet, the couch, and even on your clothes. It’s not an easy feat to get rid of dog hair in your house, but this article will give you easy instructions to follow on how to get rid of pet hair (most of them) in house.

You can’t prevent having at least some pet hair permanently; however, you can significantly reduce it. You have to follow these tips meticulously if you want real results.

What Causes Shedding?

Dogs and cats shed their fur naturally to get rid of old hair. Different pets shed naturally due to their size, age, sex, breed, and lifestyle. Some dogs even shed hair seasonally. However, some factors can lead to a pet shedding more hair than it’s supposed to shed. Some of them include:


Poor nutrition can cause your pet to lose its hair excessively. According to doctors, a dog’s diet should consist of a healthy amount of the proper nutrients it needs to be healthy. Sometimes, you might need to try different brands of pet food, and different diets to get the right balance.


Fleas are notorious for causing itchiness in pets, which makes them scratch a lot and lose hair. If you notice your pet scratching and shedding more than usual, it most likely has fleas. You can get rid of fleas by using a flea comb, a flea collar, citrus spray, and salt. It would be best if you also changed your pet’s bedding or wash it in hot water. Using a vacuum can also help you get rid of fleas. Always dispose of your vacuum bag immediately, so the fleas don’t return.

Medical Condition

Sometimes, a pet loses patches of hair when they have a disease or are undergoing treatment. Once you notice that, report to your doctor immediately. You may also see them shedding more than usual. This excessive shedding can be caused by a skin condition, like dermatitis or ringworm.


Pets have feelings too and can be affected by stress. Sometimes, when your pet is going through change or grieving the absence of a loved one, it causes them stress, which can lead to hair loss. At times like this, you should take extra care of your pet and make them feel loved.

How To Control Pet Shedding

Balanced Diet

An improved diet can do wonders for your dog. Doctors have advised that their food contain more meat and nutrients goes a long way in giving them a healthy coat, and curb shedding.

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Flax-seed Oil

Flax seed oil has been shown to improve the coats of dogs when you add it to their diet. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for your dog. Adding a teaspoon of flax-seed oil for every 10 pounds of your dog’s weight can go a long way towards improving your dog’s coat, and reducing dandruff and inflammation.

Coconut Oil

You can make a big difference in your pet’s shedding by applying coconut to their coats as often as possible. This helps to give them a healthy coat and also strengthens the hair strands.

Proper Brushing

We can’t talk about appropriate grooming of your pet enough. Regular brushing helps to get rid of old and damaged hair, especially if your pet has a long coat. This goes a long way in minimizing the amount of hair they leave around the house. Also, regular baths, especially during warm months (shedding season), can help remove the dislodged hairs in their coats.

Covering Your Pet’s Hair

This may sound weird, but covering your cat can reduce cat hair in your house. You can do this only when letting them inside the house if you don’t like the idea of dressing up your pet all the time.

Here are few more tips to control pet hair by CandidMommy!

Finally, How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

If there is anything pet owners would love to know, it is how to stop their pets from shedding. Unfortunately, unless you have a hairless breed of cat or dog, you will have to deal with a little hair at least. The second best thing to know is how to get rid of dog hair in the house. Fortunately, this article has tips for removing pet hair from various areas of your home.

From Living Areas

Vacuuming is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of pet hair in your house. Regular vacuuming helps you get rid of cat hair everywhere, and it also keeps the hair from spreading to other areas. It would be best for you to use a pet vacuum with a HEPA filter because they are more effective at picking up the hair strands. Also, you can sprinkle a little baking soda over your carpets to loosen the hair, and even deodorize your house.

Pet in Living Area

If you have a hard floor or a tiled floor, using a wet mop is also very effective. The moisture holds down the hair strands so they can’t fly off to another location. You can also use an electrostatic duster, a microfiber cloth, and rubber gloves. These are all electrostatic and will get the hair to stick to them.

From Clothes

There are fewer things more annoying than getting dressed to go out and then finding your clothes covered in pet hair. Sometimes you still find pet hair on clean clothes because washing machines help to weave in the hair more firmly to your clothes.

Pet Hair on Clothes

The best way to remove dog hair from clothes is to loosen the hair before washing. You can start by shaking off the hair by putting the clothes in your dryer for 10 minutes without heat. This shakes off most of the hair before you wash. Also, add some white vinegar when washing to loosen the remaining strands and don’t forget to shake the clothes before drying them.

Inside Car

If your car has a fabric interior, then you can get rid of the dog hair by using a hand vacuum. You can also use fabric covers to avoid the fur getting directly on your upholstery. Fabric covers come off quickly and can be laundered easily.

From Furniture

You can’t avoid having pet hair on your couch unless you have a strictly outside pet. Even then, you can bring in those hairs yourself. If you have fabric chairs, using a hand vacuum is your best bet. You can wipe off most of the hair on a leather couch with a cloth. You can cover up the furniture with seat covers to prevent direct fur contact.

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading the above and have got some useful information to apply at your home and furniture. We know you do love your pets and we too, but with proper care methods, the bond also strengthens up.

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