10 Reasons To Install A Central Vacuum

Why Install A Central Vacuum

People are mostly biased when they think about installing a Central Vacuum System in their house. Their concern is right as there is a lot of editing needed to the home to install a central vacuum. Moreover, it’s a little cumbersome when you are already living in that house and it’s a older one. Anyways, let’s come to the benefits one is going to have after being Central Vac equipped.

Why Install A Central Vacuum – Top 10 Reasons

So here are all the good reasons I figured out about using Central Vacuum cleaners over a Canister or an Upright vacuum.

#1 Minimum Vacuuming Noise

Low noise vacuum

First of all, the central vacuums make very less noise as compared to any other forms for obvious reason. Their main motor unit is kept or fixed in the garage or some other outskirts of your home. It means you are just left with hose and no machines to deal around the place of vacuuming, hence very lesser noise. Now you can hear if clearly if someone is talking to you while vacuuming.

#2 No More Wires To Tangle

Tangled Vacuum Wires

Since you are left with no machine or electric parts, there are absolutely no more wires to mess with. You also won’t need to search for different outlets to power the vacuum as the motor unit is getting the power from a dedicated outlet.

#3 Super Easy To Use – No Lifting Here & There

Because of the design of a central vacuum, one doesn’t needs to carry the heavy motors all around the home. We have vacuum outlets in different parts of our home and the hose just needs to be connected for it’s working. So, no more carrying around the heavy motor unit.

Moreover, the bin that carries the dirt and debris is located at a centralized place near motor, so again you are not carrying that too. It makes vacuuming much easier, especially when your home is multi-floored.

#4 Say Good Bye To Allergens

Central Vacuum Health Benefits


Canisters, uprights and other vacuum cleaners have their dust bin along with their body. So, the portable vacuums recycle the sucked allergen things back into the air via exhaust wherever we are vacuuming. And since the sucked allergens are still in your house or living, they can again be circulated via the exhaust of vacuum.

In central vacuums, the dust storage bin is located outside the house and so the allergens also extracted outside the home. If you are sensitive to those, central vacuums are best option to you.

#5 Cleaner Indoor Air

According to the study by UC Davis, Central Vacuum keep the air much cleaner inside the house as they extract the dust, debris and allergens out from the house into the main power unit placed in the garage or basement or wherever it’s placed. You breath much fresher air than before and are way out from getting affected by so many pollutants.

#5 More Powerful Cleaning – Better Suction

Power means a lot to people who make more mess or have a pet in their home. This simply means that they need more power to handle pet hairs. In central vacuum cleaners, you are independent to choose more power. Also since the motors are stationary, they are available in more powerful versions. One can expect the central vacuums to be 3 times more powerful than the portable vacuums.

#6 No More Recurring Buying Cost

Portable vacuums due to circumstances like moving here and there, more plastic parts and usage pattern tend to have life of 1-2 years. Few expensive brands last a little long like about 2-4 years. Central Vacs are built to last longer and you can expect them to give a service of about 10 years or even more if maintained.

#7 Extensive Range of Add-Ons – Extremely Versatile

A large number of accessories are available in the market for varying uses. With portable vacs, the accessories are mostly supplied with a vacuum cleaner and one is limited to those only. Since central vacs are something different and more expensive, more versatility is given to those by providing large hoses, different brush cleaners, varying crevice tools and many more.

#8 Increases The Value of your House

Installing a central vac at can sound to be cumbersome as it involves editing your house tid-bids a little. So, anyone would buy a house for a little more than the market value if it has a central vac already installed.

#9 Reduced Wear & Tear of to Furniture & Walls

Portable vacs need to be carried around and hence on a long run, they leave marks on the floors, especially wooden floors. And since you need to carry them around everywhere, there are certain chances that things break.

#10 No Frequent Emptying of Bins

The dirt bin is bigger compared to the portable vacuums. You can expect to clean those very less frequently, perhaps for a few times a year. The bins are large enough to accommodate around 22 pounds of dust and debris which is very large as compared to those of portable vacuums.

Apart from the above reasons, there might have been some more questions in your mind about whether to install a central vacuum or not. Here are few important ones that we thought might help you out.

What Does a Central Vacuum System Does?

Well, the simplest answer is – It cleans the house as well as air!

We can define a central vacuum as, “Central unit located in a remote location inside the house that extracts Dust and Debris out from the house and doesn’t circulates it back via the exhaust resulting in cleaner home and air!”

The working mechanism is very simple to understand. The installation point is basically chosen as a garage or the basement of the house. Here is where the whole functional system is installed – the suction motor along with the bin. Each and every room or wherever one needs, inlet point is installed which connects to the main unit via a sealed pipe. This inlet point than connects with a hose (may be power hose with switch) and other accessories for it’s working.

The very simple difference between a Central Vacuum and a Portable Vacuum is one doesn’t needs to carry the whole unit around and also the air is much cleaner in central vacuums as the air doesn’t circulates back inside the home, instead it goes to the location of motor. Here is a Demo about Central Vacs.

How Much Does A Central Vacuum System Costs?

The system may very a lot and it mostly depends on the requirements as of how big the house is and how many inlets are needed. But still to give an idea – the low end central vacuum for a 2500 -3000 square foot house would range from $500 – $1200 depending whereas if you are thinking seriously, a high end central vacuum for the same area would cost between $1200- $3000. The range would also depend on number and type of inlets, the power unit, the bin, accessories and the hose. When you contact a dealer, they will demonstrate and provide estimates for free.

Which Is The Best Central Vacuum Brand?

With time, there have been brands in this segment too but since these most of the people skip to portable vacuums, there are lesser brands as compared to portable ones. When we talk about Central Vacs, the first name that pops up is Electrolux. They have been trusted by many from long. Another brand that is again popular and innovative in this segment is OVO. They actually have much more variety to suit different needs. The next brand that we trust is Nadair. It also is a trusted brand and can prove to be a cheaper alternate to the other brands.

The above brands are available on Amazon and can be ordered online. Most of these come with DIY manual and also have dedicated tele support on installation for DIY enthusiasts. Here is a guide by HomeTips to install a central vac by yourself; have a glance and you might get some idea as how easy it is.

Wrap Up

We hope you now have much clear concepts about Central-Vacuum systems and can now finalize your decision about whether to install a central vacuum or not. We however suggest that they are better if you are thinking long term and have your own house. But if you are rented, portable vacuum is a better alternate.

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